All-On-Four Dental Implants Available in Garland Dentist Office

all-on-four dental implants provide a happy smile.Have you experienced significant tooth loss? Are you unsure which tooth replacement option is best for you? Have you been told that you are not a good candidate for traditional dental implants? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we are proud to announce that All-on-Four dental implants are now being offered at Hue Dental, your local Garland family dentist – Richardson.

If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary dental implant system, contact our Garland, TX office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tran. You can reach us online or by calling (469) 969-0149.

What are All-on-Four Dental Implants?

This innovative dental implant system is designed to support a full arch denture on just four dental implants. Each implant is strategically placed to provide the utmost support and durability. Traditionally, an implant-supported denture requires two oral surgeries for the placement of at least six dental implants and an extensive healing period. In addition, patients must have adequate jawbone strength to support the implants.

Because All-on-Four dental implants are tilted when inserted into the jawbone, patients who may not otherwise qualify for dental implants, due to bone degeneration or insufficient jawbone strength, are able to receive a beautifully customized and permanent implant-supported denture. Often times, this procedure can be completed in as little time as a single appointment. If you are looking for an affordable and quick solution to replacing your smile, you may enjoy the benefits of All-on-Four dental implants.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Believe it or not, almost anyone with good oral health and a healthy immune system is a candidate for All-on-Four dental implants. When Nobel Biocare® created this implant system in 1998, they wanted to provide dental implants for patients who wanted to avoid complex oral surgeries, bone grafting, or simply needed an affordable solution to repairing their smiles. Good candidates for All-on-Four dental implants include:

  • Patients unable to qualify for traditional implants
  • Patients with bone loss
  • Patients looking to avoid bone grafting
  • Patients with partial or complete tooth loss in their upper and/or lower jaw
  • Patients who do not smoke
  • Patients who do not have chronic, immune system weakening diseases
  • Patients currently wearing, but dissatisfied with traditional dentures

Benefits of All-On-Four Dental Implants

Choosing to replace your smile with an implant-retained denture supported by All-on-Four dental implants provides many great benefits, including:

  • Improved dental function and speech
  • Durable, long-lasting results
  • Beautifully customized restoration with realistic aesthetics
  • Enhanced desire to smile and increased self-confidence

This implant system is cost-effective and delivers faster results, unlike traditional implants that generally require an extensive four to six month healing period and numerous follow-up appointments. In most cases, All-on-Four dental implants and the placement of your restoration can be completed in just one appointment, making it ideal for patients with significant tooth loss.

Contact Us Today

If you are missing most or all your teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw, Dr. Tran can provide you with a full arch implant-retained denture supported by just four dental implants.

To learn more about All-on-Four dental implants and how you can personally benefit from this teeth replacement solution, contact Dr. Hue today, the Garland family dentist – Richardson by calling (469) 969-0149 to schedule your appointment.


Garland Emergency Dentist Offers First Aid Tips for Athletes and Parents

Before goalAt Hue Dental, we understand that dental emergencies happen during sports. Whether you have a toothache from being bumped in the face by another player or a broken or knocked out tooth from having a basketball hit you in the mouth, Garland emergency dentist, Dr. Nghi Tran provides you with a list of tips to get you through until you can schedule an appointment. Emergency dentistry requires urgency, therefore we do our best to make same-day appointments and offer weekend appointments to accommodate any potential emergencies.

If your athlete experiences a dental emergency, try to stay calm. Call our Garland, TX office to schedule the next available appointment. Call 469-969-0149.

The Importance of Mouth Guards

Contact sports are sometimes dangerous and can often cause serious facial injuries. The best thing you can do to prevent injury is to invest in a high quality athletic mouth guard that fits comfortably in the mouth during play time. There are several levels of quality to sports mouth guards, but the best fit comes from a customized mouth guard from Dr. Tran. Boil-and-bite mouth guards are not ideal, since biting too hard can result in not enough tooth protection, and biting too soft can result in a bulky fit. If you or your child plans on playing sports regularly, it’s best to protect those teeth with a mouth guard that is made to fit and protect comfortably.

Hit In The Face?

Even while wearing an athletic mouth guard, your athlete may experience some tooth pain after taking a hit to the face. When that happens, it’s important to take non-steroidal  anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) and apply a cold compress to the painful area on the outside of the face. (Do not apply ice to the inside of the mouth.) This will reduce any swelling and will provide some relief from the pain. If the toothache can’t be managed with these tips, schedule an appointment with our Garland, TX office. Dr. Tran will examine your athlete’s mouth for any damage to the teeth or soft tissues. If you have a cut in the mouth that continues to bleed, you may need stitches and should go to a hospital immediately.

Knocked Out or Broken Teeth 

Teeth can easily get knocked out or broken during contact sports. When a tooth becomes dislodged, it can be very scary for both the athlete and the parent. Dr. Tran advises you to stay calm, even if you feel the need to panic! It’s important to find the tooth, if possible. If you can locate the missing tooth, pick it up by the crown, or the white part. Be careful not to touch the root of the tooth because it could damage the connective tissues that may make re-attachment possible. Gently rinse the tooth in a small cup of saline water or pure water and then put it in a small cup of milk for travel to our office. You might feel tempted to sterilize or scrub the dislodged tooth to clean it off–do not do this! Dr. Tran can’t stress enough how important it is to handle the tooth as little as possible.

Do not try to reattach the tooth without the help of emergency dentist Dr. Tran. Only a dentist should attempt to re-place the tooth into its socket, so call us as soon as possible and we will arrange to meet you in our Garland dental office.

If the tooth can’t be reattached, Dr. Tran will discuss your options for permanent tooth replacement, including dental implants and dental bridges.

What To Do

We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay calm and think smart when a dental emergency arises at a sporting event. Call our office after finding the tooth (if possible). If the emergency takes place after hours, you’ll be redirected to an emergency phone line where you’ll receive tips and guidance on how to manage the emergency until you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran.

We take sporting emergencies very seriously and can often get you into an appointment on the same day, even if it’s the weekend. Dr. Tran is always happy to help his patients, and will even see new patients on the weekends, as well. Time is of the essence when it comes to knocked out or broken teeth, so stay calm, but act quickly!

Don’t hesitate to call our Garland, TX office to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Tran. Call 469-969-0149.

Emergency Dentist Garland, TX – Call 469-969-0149.

You Don’t Necessarily Need a Specialist for Oral Surgery in Garland

Patient's view of the dentist and assistant.The need for oral surgery can be a worrisome prospect. Do I need to seek out an oral surgeon, or can I visit a qualified dentist?  Garland dentist, Dr. Nghi Tran has a passion for oral surgery and can provide a range of surgical services to his patients. It is his goal to create personalized treatment plans for each of his unique patients, while offering minimal discomfort and quick recovery times. Dr. Tran continues to enhance his knowledge of oral surgery to provide the utmost care for his patients during their dental visits.

If you need bone grafting, an extraction, or soft tissue surgery, schedule your appointment with Garland dentist, Dr. Tran today. Call 469-969-0149.

Oral Surgery Offered 


Dr. Tran has a variety of oral surgery skills that he uses with his patients. The most common oral surgery is wisdom teeth extractions, which Dr. Tran can provide. Wisdom teeth are usually removed in the late teenage years to early 20’s. Dr. Tran advises that you have your wisdom teeth removed because they can cause overcrowding in your mouth, resulting in pain. These four teeth emerge in the back four corners of your mouth: two on either end of your upper row of teeth and two on the ends of your bottom row of teeth. Garland dentist, Dr. Tran can easily remove these teeth by numbing the affected area, loosening the teeth, then lifting them from your jawbone.

In some cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means the teeth are unable to break through the jawbone or gum tissue on their own. In order for extract them, Dr. Tran will need to assist your wisdom teeth with emerging from the bone or gums.

Tooth extractions can be needed for more than just wisdom teeth. When a tooth is severely decayed Dr. Tran may recommend removing it. Although it is always our goal to save natural teeth, it’s important to consider the overall health and appearance of your smile. When a tooth needs to be extracted from your mouth, Dr. Tran will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area. He will then remove the tooth and explain your options for tooth replacement, such as bridges and dental implants.

Dental Implants

Crowns and dentures can be attached to dental implants for durability and a natural appearance. When placing a dental implant, Garland dentist Dr. Tran will surgically place a titanium implant base into your healthy jawbone tissue. It’s intended that the implant fully integrate with your bone and gums, to provide a sturdy base for restorations.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Tran uses radiosurgery as a means to reduce bleeding and offer faster recovery for his oral surgery patients. Along with extractions and implants, Dr. Tran is experienced in bone grafts, frenectomies, and epulis removals.

The presence of gum disease can lead to deterioration of your bone, leaving you in need of a bone graft. Dr. Tran can restore the bone by building it back up using artificial or donated particulate bone matter. This may be a necessary step before placing implants or dentures.

A frenum is a piece of tissue found under your tongue, which can cause a gap between your teeth, as well as difficulty speaking. When the frenum causes these oral problems, Dr. Tran can remove it using a laser.

Non-cancerous gum growths (epulis) are not harmful for your mouth, but can interfere with the overall appearance of your smile. In these cases, Dr. Tran will surgically remove the growths, leaving you with a beautiful smile. 

Oral surgery is complex, but with the incorporation of the latest technology, Dr. Tran can tackle any dental obstacle holding you back from loving your smile. Schedule your appointment today call 469-969-0149.

Garland Implant Dentist Explains Candidacy for Procedure

Happy, smiling womanDo you want to permanently replace missing teeth? You could opt for a traditional bridge or denture, but dental implant patients enjoy enticing benefits. Implants allow a prosthetic to anchor in the jaw, like a natural tooth-and-root structure. Dentures will not slip or wobble; bridges do not require alteration of healthy teeth for supportive crowns. With good oral healthcare and in the absence of injury, implants can last for life!

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Tran today to discuss candidacy for dental implants. He will determine if you’re a good candidate now, or if you need prerequisite procedures to improve your candidacy. Call our Garland, TX dental office today at 469-969-0149.

Garland implant dentist Dr. Nghi Tran has treated many patients with dental implants, and he wants you to understand the factors that contribute to candidacy for this life-changing procedure. At your initial consultation, Dr. Tran will assess the condition of your oral health, gum tissues, and jawbone. To secure implants, good oral health and dense bone tissue are required.

Components of a Good Dental Implant Candidate

To be considered for dental implants, Dr. Tran will need to ensure that you are fit for surgery. Patients with certain health conditions may not be healthy enough for dental implant surgery.

The dentist will also assess the condition of your gums. If you have maintained healthy gums throughout your lifetime, you will most likely qualify for implants. When gum disease and poor oral health stand in the way of implant candidacy, Dr. Tran will work with you to treat the disease and re-establish good oral health for you. With healthy gums and the absence of disease, you should become a good candidate for implants.

It’s important to have a strong, healthy jawbone prior to placing implants, because the titanium bases will be surgically imbedded into your bone. If your jaw has atrophied because teeth have been missing for years, you can undergo a bone graft procedure. A graft uses bone from the roof of the mouth (or a tissue bank) to foster re-growth of natural bone tissue in the jaw. Once a patient’s jawbone is dense and healthy, he becomes a candidate for dental implants.

What Rules Out Candidacy

Dr. Tran takes pride in the longevity of the implants he places, so he will only suggest the procedure if he feels certain that your implant surgery will be successful.

If you’re a heavy smoker or have a history of alcohol or substance abuse, implants may not be the option for you. To maintain healthy dental implants, you will need to commit to seeing Dr. Tran on a regular basis so that he can assess the progress and integration of the implants.

People who have been diagnosed with medical conditions, such as diabetes, hemophilia, and immune deficiencies may not be good candidates for dental implant surgery. Along with these conditions, if you are pregnant or still growing jawbone (younger adults or children), alternative options will better meet your tooth replacement needs.

What Are Implants?

To administer dental implant treatment, expect two main visits. At a day surgery appointment, Dr. Tran will surgically imbed one or more biocompatible metal posts into your healthy jawbone. Your new dental implants will integrate with your gums and bone, in a process called osseointegration. Full integration usually takes three to six months.

Once solidly attached to your jaw, the implants will create a connection point for crowns, bridges, or dentures. Whether you’re missing a few teeth or an entire row of teeth, implants offer a solid, long-lasting option for tooth replacement.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are the perfect solution if you’re missing one tooth or two or more teeth in a row. By attaching a crown or bridge permanently to dental implants, Dr. Tran can offer you a lasting and reliable solution to replace your missing tooth/teeth. Implant-based crowns and bridges will leave you with an aesthetically pleasing smile, while returning full function of your mouth.


At Hue Dental, implant dentist Dr. Tran offers partial and full dentures. Both types of dentures can be secured to dental implants. Partial dentures require the placement of two or more implants, whereas full dentures require the use of four or more implants (per arch). People who are frustrated with loose, ill-fitting, slipping dentures on the lower jaw often find complete satisfaction with implant-retained dentures.

Dr. Tran can help you determine if dental implants are a good fit for your unique needs. Schedule your appointment with him today in our Garland, TX dental office. Call 469-969-0149.

Do You Really Need a Root Canal?! Garland Dentist Gives the Facts

folder about root canal therapyToothaches create a significant amount of pain, and while a cavity hurts a little, an internally infected tooth can cause throbbing to excruciating pain. Garland dentist Dr. Nghi Tran doesn’t want you in pain. He offers root canal therapy for patients with a severely infected tooth. A root canal can sound intimidating, but at Hue Dental, Dr. Tran uses a gentle and advanced approach. Just remember, by the end of the procedure, the infection that caused your acute toothache will be gone.

Don’t wait any longer to treat your tooth pain. A tiny toothache can grow quickly, as bacteria spread and cause more destruction. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Tran today by calling our Garland, TX dental office. Call 469-969-0149.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

When the pain from your infected tooth results in even the slightest amount of discomfort, you should schedule an appointment with Garland dentist, Dr. Tran. If you’re suffering from an infected tooth, it’s because bacteria has found its way into a part of your tooth known as the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber runs into your root canals, therefore any infection in this area can easily spread to the canals and in turn can affect the nerves within the tooth. The infection can create severe pain, which can negatively impact your daily life.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

In an examination, Dr. Tran can determine whether your tooth is internally infected or simply has a cavity that’s not yet penetrated the sterile inner chamber. If you’re experiencing pain when chewing or biting into food, the sensitivity may be due to infection pressing directly on the tooth’s nerve. Some other common symptoms of an infected tooth include:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks
  • Chronic toothache
  • Presence of abscesses on your gums

What to Expect

As previously stated, root canal therapy is often thought to be a painful procedure; however, with the proper method, microtools, and pain medication, Dr. Tran can limit your discomfort, while treating the source of your tooth pain. Root canal therapy with Dr. Tran will consist of two visits in most cases, with the majority of the treatment completed during the initial visit.

Dr. Tran will begin by conducting a physical examination of your mouth. During this appointment, he will determine the best treatment plan for your unique situation. This is a great time to discuss your symptoms and any concerns you have regarding treatment. After examining your infected tooth, he will take x-rays to see what’s occurring on the inside of your tooth. He will assess the amount of infection and determine how he will go about removing all of the infection.

After giving you an anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding tissues, Dr. Tran will make a small entry point into the problematic tooth. Through the access point, he will thoroughly remove bacteria and damaged tissues. An antibacterial rinse will fully sterilize the tooth in preparation for a restoration.

To finish this procedure, Dr. Tran will double check to make sure that your root canals are clean. He will also reshape the inside of your tooth so that the filling material will reach all areas of the canals. A soft filling called gutta percha will fill the now empty canals and core of the tooth. To protect the tooth and seal the entry point, Dr. Tran will attach a custom-made crown.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Although you may initially experience some tooth sensitivity upon the completion of root canal therapy, it will diminish within a few days. You will no longer experience pain with temperature fluctuations and pressure when eating and drinking. Other symptoms, including bad breath, should subside, as well. Root canal therapy with Dr. Tran could save you from serious health complications that can begin with an infected tooth, including abscesses and bloodborne infection.

Let Dr. Tran restore the health of your smile, while relieving your toothache. Schedule your appointment at our Garland, TX dental office today by calling 469-969-0149.

Garland Dentist Offers Weekend Appointments for Busy Families

FamilyGarland dentist Dr. Nghi Tran offers weekend dental appointments because he knows how busy your life can be. As a way to better meet the demands of your schedule, you can now schedule appointments every day of the week. Dr. Tran is well educated in many areas of dentistry and can provide dental care for your entire family. So, when you and another family member both need dental appointments, you now have the freedom of scheduling both appointments during a time when no one will need to miss school or work. At Hue Dental, we realize that the normal appointment times offered Monday through Friday may put you in a bind, so we’ve opened up our availability for you!

To schedule your weekend dental appointment with Dr. Tran, call our Garland, TX office today. Call 469-969-0149.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Dr. Tran specialized in oral surgery, but he also offers a variety of other forms of dental care. At Hue Dental, we can meet your unique dental needs whether they’re cosmetic, restorative, or preventative. Dr. Tran can also provide your family with emergency dental care. For example, if a tooth is chipped at Friday night’s football game, or during a weekend bike ride, you can now seek treatment and correct the problem before returning to your weekday routine on Monday morning.

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is an important part of caring for your teeth. At Hue Dental, we recommend that each member of the family see us every six months to maintain healthy and vibrant smiles. At these biannual appointments, we will perform dental exams and routine dental cleanings. These visits will leave your smile bright, shiny, and, most importantly, healthy. Regular dental cleanings are the best way to reduce your risk of developing cavities, and exams help us spot and treat cavities early—before they become costly and painful affairs. These visits can also help provide you with solutions to related oral health concerns, such as snoring and teeth grinding.

Along with preventative dentistry, we can also provide you with the most up-to-date tips and tricks for properly cleaning your teeth, as well as instill dental knowledge to children who may need a little extra encouragement. It’s not a secret that our smiles benefit the most when we brush our teeth twice a day and floss once a day, but with many other oral health care products available, patients often have questions about proper usage. We have the answers and can’t wait to share them with you!

Cosmetic Dentistry

At your weekend dental appointment, you can also receive cosmetic dental care. If you’re interested in porcelain veneers or dental bonding to correct flaws in your smile, Dr. Tran is well equipped to meet those needs. He can also provide you with professional teeth whitening treatments. In our opinion, this is usually the most sought out treatment in cosmetic dentistry; we all long to have a bright and radiant smile. Now, you can take the time to achieve that whiter smile, and you don’t need to miss work or school to do it.

Restorative Dentistry

Garland dentist Dr. Tran can treat your cavities, perform root canal therapy, and start tooth replacement treatments on weekends, as well. Whether it’s a routine dental filling you don’t want your child to miss school for, or a toothache that hits you on Saturday morning, Dr. Tran will be there for you. After examining your teeth and performing the appropriate scans, Dr. Tran will create a personalized treatment plan for you. We also offer multiple options to replace missing teeth, such as dental implants, dentures, and bridges. At Hue Dental, we partner with an outstanding lab; you’ll be provided with quick results and effective solutions. We know how important your smile is to you, so we strive to give you positive outcomes as quickly as we can.

As you can see, we’re ready to take on any dental need your family may have. To schedule your weekend dental appointment with us, call our Garland, TX office today. Call 469-969-0149.