Gum Surgery with Laser Dentistry, Step by Step with Dr. Tran

laser gum surgeryPeriodontal disease takes two forms. It begins as gingivitis and causes gums to appear red and swollen. Your gums will be tender and may bleed when you brush them. When left untreated, the disease develops into periodontitis. This stage is not a condition you want to ignore, as it causes 70 percent of adults to experience tooth loss. Gums can begin to pull away from the teeth, which can lead to the development of pockets. Garland cosmetic dentist Dr. Nghi Tran uses laser therapy to remove these pockets and rid them of infection. Laser gum surgery improves the health of your mouth and helps control the symptoms of gum disease that lead to tooth loss. This procedure is minimally invasive and offers a quick recovery time.

Gum disease negatively affects 90 percent of American adults between the ages of 35 and 45. To restore the health, function, and appearance of your mouth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran today. Call 469-969-0149 to speak with one of our outgoing staff members in Garland, TX.

Laser Gum Surgery

Dr. Tran recommends this procedure to restore the health of your gums. Periodontal disease can be uncomfortable. It can cause untreatable bad breath, gum recession, and even jawbone recession. During gum surgery, Dr. Tran will use a laser to remove built-up bacteria that has accumulated in the pockets. This is procedure is extremely precise, which is what allows for the quick recovery and certain results.

During the procedure, Dr. Tran will smooth out your tooth roots, which will prevent bacteria from regenerating, because it gives them fewer places to hide. We recommend laser dentistry for gum disease patients because it improves oral health for many years.

The Process

At your appointment, Dr. Tran will begin the procedure by administering a local anesthetic. Your mouth will be numb, so you won’t feel any discomfort during your gum surgery.

He will insert a small laser into the space between your tooth roots and gum. The laser will remove the harmful bacteria from the periodontal pockets. While in this space, Dr. Tran will remove any damaged tissue. The goal is to clean the area and free it from infection. Before moving onto the next step, he will use the laser to remove damaged tissue and smooth out your gums. The smoothing process is important in order to maintain a healthy area and prevent bacteria from returning.

To finish the surgery, Dr. Tran will use a second laser to remove the bacteria that sits deep in the periodontal pockets. You can expect him to be careful and thorough. This laser will clot your blood to create a protective seal. This allows your gums time to recover, while new, healthy soft tissue grows in place of the removed damaged tissue.

Why Should I Seek Out Gum Surgery?

We encourage patients to undergo laser gum surgery with Garland cosmetic dentist Dr. Tran because it stops the progression of periodontal disease. This treatment can deter tooth loss and gum recession when performed in a timely manner. If you believe that you have a form of gum disease, schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Tran. He will examine your gums and recommend treatment to return your mouth to a health state.

Thanks to the laser technology, patients who seek out gum surgery can expect to recover quickly and experience very little bleeding. Unlike other surgeries, you will feel back to normal in no time.

For more information, call 469-969-0149 to speak with a staff member. Gum surgery with Dr. Tran in Garland, TX can improve your oral health.


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