What to Expect at Your Dental Crown Appointment-By Garland Family Dentist, Dr. Tran

woman confused about dental crownsA damaged or decayed tooth can cause you to feel a great deal of discomfort. When left untreated, tooth decay may infect the inner chamber of the tooth root, requiring the need for root canal therapy or an extraction. In order to deter the need for such dental procedures, Garland family dentist Dr. Nghi Tran suggests the use of dental crowns. To help you feel at ease with your decision to have a crown placed over a weakened, cracked, or damaged tooth, Dr. Tran explains what to expect during your dental visit.

If you have a severely damaged tooth in need of restoration, Garland, TX dentist Dr. Tran has an easy solution. For more information about dental crowns, schedule your appointment today. Call 469-969-0149.

What Is A Dental Crown?

When a tooth has been damaged by bacteria, a filling is usually the simplest way to halt decay and restore the portion of enamel that has been lost. The decayed tooth matter and bacteria are removed and the cavity is cleaned and filled with composite resin. However, when too much enamel has been damaged, there may not be enough tooth remaining to support a filling. In cases like these, a dental crown is created to envelop the tooth and protect it from further damage, while restoring its structure and function.

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dental procedures that we provide. They offer protection for damaged or weakened teeth and help create a seal over the entire tooth, reducing the risk for further decay. They are also helpful for restoring teeth that may have deep cracks, or a series of smaller cracks that cause sensitivity and leave the tooth vulnerable to bacteria. A dental crown can easily restore your ability to chew and bite without pain or sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Dr. Tran offers multiple types of  custom-made dental crowns and will recommend the type that best suits your needs. If you’re worried about a crown diminishing the appearance of your smile, you can choose to have a crown made from ceramic, zirconia, or lithium disilicate. Ceramic crowns are created to look natural and match the color of your surrounding teeth, therefore eliminating the possibility of your restoration drawing attention when you smile. For damaged back teeth that are less visible, more durable metal or porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns may be recommended. Regardless of the material your crown is fashioned from, it will act as a protective cap, allowing you to chew comfortably while protecting the tooth from infection.

What to Expect

Once you and Garland family dentist, Dr. Tran have determined that a dental crown is the best restorative solution for you, you will need two separate dental appointments. At the first visit, Dr. Tran will examine your damaged or cracked tooth and take a series of scans to ensure that it can support a dental crown, and determine whether a root canal treatment will be needed. Next he will prepare the tooth by removing any decay and bacteria and cleaning the cavity. He will then take a dental impression, which will be sent to an off-site dental laboratory. There, your dental crown will be custom-made to fit snugly onto your tooth and look natural in your smile.

Before leaving your initial dental visit, Dr. Tran will place a temporary crown on the treated tooth. This will offer some protection while your permanent restoration is created. Be gentle with your temporary crown, as it is not as strong or well bonded as the permanent crown will be. Try to avoid any hard or sticky foods; if the temporary crown is damaged or dislodged, you may experience sensitivity in the affected tooth.

Once your permanent crown is created and delivered to our office, Dr. Tran will permanently bond it to your tooth during your second dental appointment. You may need time to get used to the feeling of your new restoration. In most cases, patients adjust to the crown within a week or so. If, after a week, the crown does not feel right or causes pain when you bite down, contact our office to make an appointment.  Although it is rare, crowns may become loose or fall off; schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran if this ever happens.

With proper care, you can expect your crown to last anywhere from 5-15 years. Although most dental crowns provide long-lasting support, you may need to have the crown replaced after five or more years, depending on how you use it.

Don’t wait to discuss your need for a dental crown with Garland, TX dentist Dr. Tran. Schedule an appointment today. Call 469-969-0149.


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