Garland Dentist Explains the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Laser Gum Therapy

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Gum disease isn’t curable, however it is manageable with the help of Dr. Nghi Tran in Garland, TX. Laser gum therapy can remove harmful bacteria that build up, causing undesirable gum disease. Mouth bacteria are  the root cause of this unwanted disease: as bacteria proliferate and sink deep into your periodontal pockets, they can damage gum tissue, teeth and bone. Laser gum therapy with Dr. Tran is accurate, highly effective, and offers minimal recovery time.

Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss, frequent bleeding, sensitivity, and even jawbone recession. Don’t let your gum disease worsen. Schedule your dental appointment for laser gum therapy with Dr. Tran, your  Garland family dentist – Richardson, TX. Call 469-969-0149 today.

A Little About Gum Disease 

Often referred to as a silent disease, periodontitis is sometimes asymptomatic, meaning you may not notice the warning signs. If you gums frequently bleed when you brush or floss, then you may suffer from the earlier stages of gum disease.

Other, more noticeable symptoms, include gum sensitivity, red or swollen gums, and gum recession. If you notice that your gums appear to be pulling away from the teeth at the gum line, then it’s far past time to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Tran.

Periodontal disease has two forms: gingivitis, which is the less severe form and periodontitis, which is the most severe form. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for this disease, however symptoms can be managed and long-term damage can be minimized with the help of an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Tran in Garland, TX.

When bacteria plague your gums, due to poor oral hygiene, pockets form. Bacteria collect in the pockets located in your soft tissues. This is where laser gum therapy can reduce the presence of bacteria and the calcified plaque they feed on. If you suffer from moderate to severe gum disease, then you’re a great candidate for laser gum therapy.

What Is Laser Gum Therapy?

During your laser gum therapy appointment, Dr. Tran will place a tiny laser fiber into your gum tissue and your dental roots. You will be placed under a local anesthetic for the duration of the procedure, to ensure optimal comfort. The powerful energy emitted from the laser will destroy the bacteria in the soft tissue pockets. It will also rid the pockets of any diseased tissue. Ultrasonic tools work to smooth rough patches found on your dental roots. This will prohibit the destructive microbes from returning.

A second laser is used to wrap up the procedure. The final laser will kill of any leftover bacteria found at the bottom of the pockets. During this time, the laser will cause your blood to clot, which will protect your sensitive tissue, while also sealing off the cleaned pocket. This prevents any further disease or bacteria to enter the pocket during recovery time.

Benefits of Laser Gum Therapy

 Our patients who have undergone laser gum therapy with Dr. Tran agree that the best benefit of this procedure is the highly effective results. We use state-of-the-art lasers, which are incredibly accurate. Dr. Tran can target the destructive bacteria in your diseased tissue, without negatively affecting your healthy tissue. Laser gum therapy is non-invasive and offers minimal discomfort during the procedure. You will experience very little bleeding during and after treatment, due to the clotting from the final laser.

Although gum disease isn’t curable, laser gum therapy improves the condition of the disease. We recommend that you maintain good oral hygiene after your therapy and continue to schedule regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. You will recover in record time after receiving therapy.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Tran, your Garland family dentist – Richardson, TX today to discuss if laser gum therapy is right for you. Call 469-969-0149.


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