Garland Emergency Dentist Offers First Aid Tips for Athletes and Parents

Before goalAt Hue Dental, we understand that dental emergencies happen during sports. Whether you have a toothache from being bumped in the face by another player or a broken or knocked out tooth from having a basketball hit you in the mouth, Garland emergency dentist, Dr. Nghi Tran provides you with a list of tips to get you through until you can schedule an appointment. Emergency dentistry requires urgency, therefore we do our best to make same-day appointments and offer weekend appointments to accommodate any potential emergencies.

If your athlete experiences a dental emergency, try to stay calm. Call our Garland, TX office to schedule the next available appointment. Call 469-969-0149.

The Importance of Mouth Guards

Contact sports are sometimes dangerous and can often cause serious facial injuries. The best thing you can do to prevent injury is to invest in a high quality athletic mouth guard that fits comfortably in the mouth during play time. There are several levels of quality to sports mouth guards, but the best fit comes from a customized mouth guard from Dr. Tran. Boil-and-bite mouth guards are not ideal, since biting too hard can result in not enough tooth protection, and biting too soft can result in a bulky fit. If you or your child plans on playing sports regularly, it’s best to protect those teeth with a mouth guard that is made to fit and protect comfortably.

Hit In The Face?

Even while wearing an athletic mouth guard, your athlete may experience some tooth pain after taking a hit to the face. When that happens, it’s important to take non-steroidal  anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID) and apply a cold compress to the painful area on the outside of the face. (Do not apply ice to the inside of the mouth.) This will reduce any swelling and will provide some relief from the pain. If the toothache can’t be managed with these tips, schedule an appointment with our Garland, TX office. Dr. Tran will examine your athlete’s mouth for any damage to the teeth or soft tissues. If you have a cut in the mouth that continues to bleed, you may need stitches and should go to a hospital immediately.

Knocked Out or Broken Teeth 

Teeth can easily get knocked out or broken during contact sports. When a tooth becomes dislodged, it can be very scary for both the athlete and the parent. Dr. Tran advises you to stay calm, even if you feel the need to panic! It’s important to find the tooth, if possible. If you can locate the missing tooth, pick it up by the crown, or the white part. Be careful not to touch the root of the tooth because it could damage the connective tissues that may make re-attachment possible. Gently rinse the tooth in a small cup of saline water or pure water and then put it in a small cup of milk for travel to our office. You might feel tempted to sterilize or scrub the dislodged tooth to clean it off–do not do this! Dr. Tran can’t stress enough how important it is to handle the tooth as little as possible.

Do not try to reattach the tooth without the help of emergency dentist Dr. Tran. Only a dentist should attempt to re-place the tooth into its socket, so call us as soon as possible and we will arrange to meet you in our Garland dental office.

If the tooth can’t be reattached, Dr. Tran will discuss your options for permanent tooth replacement, including dental implants and dental bridges.

What To Do

We can’t stress enough how important it is to stay calm and think smart when a dental emergency arises at a sporting event. Call our office after finding the tooth (if possible). If the emergency takes place after hours, you’ll be redirected to an emergency phone line where you’ll receive tips and guidance on how to manage the emergency until you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Tran.

We take sporting emergencies very seriously and can often get you into an appointment on the same day, even if it’s the weekend. Dr. Tran is always happy to help his patients, and will even see new patients on the weekends, as well. Time is of the essence when it comes to knocked out or broken teeth, so stay calm, but act quickly!

Don’t hesitate to call our Garland, TX office to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Tran. Call 469-969-0149.

Emergency Dentist Garland, TX – Call 469-969-0149.


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