You Don’t Necessarily Need a Specialist for Oral Surgery in Garland

Patient's view of the dentist and assistant.The need for oral surgery can be a worrisome prospect. Do I need to seek out an oral surgeon, or can I visit a qualified dentist?  Garland dentist, Dr. Nghi Tran has a passion for oral surgery and can provide a range of surgical services to his patients. It is his goal to create personalized treatment plans for each of his unique patients, while offering minimal discomfort and quick recovery times. Dr. Tran continues to enhance his knowledge of oral surgery to provide the utmost care for his patients during their dental visits.

If you need bone grafting, an extraction, or soft tissue surgery, schedule your appointment with Garland dentist, Dr. Tran today. Call 469-969-0149.

Oral Surgery Offered 


Dr. Tran has a variety of oral surgery skills that he uses with his patients. The most common oral surgery is wisdom teeth extractions, which Dr. Tran can provide. Wisdom teeth are usually removed in the late teenage years to early 20’s. Dr. Tran advises that you have your wisdom teeth removed because they can cause overcrowding in your mouth, resulting in pain. These four teeth emerge in the back four corners of your mouth: two on either end of your upper row of teeth and two on the ends of your bottom row of teeth. Garland dentist, Dr. Tran can easily remove these teeth by numbing the affected area, loosening the teeth, then lifting them from your jawbone.

In some cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means the teeth are unable to break through the jawbone or gum tissue on their own. In order for extract them, Dr. Tran will need to assist your wisdom teeth with emerging from the bone or gums.

Tooth extractions can be needed for more than just wisdom teeth. When a tooth is severely decayed Dr. Tran may recommend removing it. Although it is always our goal to save natural teeth, it’s important to consider the overall health and appearance of your smile. When a tooth needs to be extracted from your mouth, Dr. Tran will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area. He will then remove the tooth and explain your options for tooth replacement, such as bridges and dental implants.

Dental Implants

Crowns and dentures can be attached to dental implants for durability and a natural appearance. When placing a dental implant, Garland dentist Dr. Tran will surgically place a titanium implant base into your healthy jawbone tissue. It’s intended that the implant fully integrate with your bone and gums, to provide a sturdy base for restorations.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Tran uses radiosurgery as a means to reduce bleeding and offer faster recovery for his oral surgery patients. Along with extractions and implants, Dr. Tran is experienced in bone grafts, frenectomies, and epulis removals.

The presence of gum disease can lead to deterioration of your bone, leaving you in need of a bone graft. Dr. Tran can restore the bone by building it back up using artificial or donated particulate bone matter. This may be a necessary step before placing implants or dentures.

A frenum is a piece of tissue found under your tongue, which can cause a gap between your teeth, as well as difficulty speaking. When the frenum causes these oral problems, Dr. Tran can remove it using a laser.

Non-cancerous gum growths (epulis) are not harmful for your mouth, but can interfere with the overall appearance of your smile. In these cases, Dr. Tran will surgically remove the growths, leaving you with a beautiful smile. 

Oral surgery is complex, but with the incorporation of the latest technology, Dr. Tran can tackle any dental obstacle holding you back from loving your smile. Schedule your appointment today call 469-969-0149.


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